Fashion brand under fire for patch copycats

Fashion brand, Steve Madden has been challenged by US design studio for infringing their copyright protection in embroidery patches.

The studio, Wildflower + Co, have filed a copyright claim against the fashion brand, as well as retailers Amazon, Macy’s and Nordstrom who stock the infringing products.

The claim states that the copied patches have been placed on 100s of products including handbags, in an attempt to jump on the retro trend.

It is detailed in the claim that a cease and desist letter was sent to Steve Madden but as it was not adequately replied to, the studio had no choice but to file the claim.

The claim is requesting $25,000.00 for each instance of copyright infringement, which could add up to a hefty sum if over 100 products are deemed to be infringing.

Watch this space for updates as the claim progresses through the courts.

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