Facebook wins patent for Smartglasses in their hopes of beating Apple to the market

In December 2019, Facebook declared their race against Apple for the development and launch of an operating system for AR Glasses. Facebook appear well aware that they missed out on their share of the smartphone revolution, however the company seem keen to proceed with the matter in order to be awarded their segment of the market. Facebook also hold the potential belief that the Smartglasses will be the new smartphone device.

The patent was granted to the company back in July and holds details of the artificial reality system, which is set to project virtual objects either on their own or alongside real objects. There are several characteristics of the device which may vary depending upon different scenarios including image resolution, field of view, brightness and size of the eye box. 

Facebook have also created an invention called “pupil steering head-mounted display”. The latter simply means that user will be able to navigate their AR environment using nothing but their eyes, as the system will be able to track the location and shape of the user’s pupil. The release of the AR glasses has not yet been confirmed however it is indeed a race against time as competitors including Apple and Google are also eager to get their resembling products out on the market. It will be a matter of time before we find out who does it first.

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