Facebook to muscle in on TV with new app

Becoming a potential threat for the likes of Netflix and YouTube, Facebook have announced today, amongst other news, that they will be releasing an app which focuses on TV.

Facebook, as a brand and business, has potentially become the face of social media online. You can access the site from all the screens at your disposal but one. Your TV, arguably the most popular of screens.

Facebook’s new app will change all of this.

The new app will allow users to watch videos posted on the site via their television. This will be through Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV which all have the ability to link your TV with the internet.

The release of this app is unknown, with the announcement giving ‘soon’ as the time frame.

There will need to be a step up in quality in the video content that already exists on the website, as currently Facebook is not seen as the go-to place to view content. Facebook will need to get well known names on board to beat the likes of YouTube.

However, if they can keep the content and service free, like YouTube, then they could be on to a winner attracting those who do not want pay for services such as Netflix.

As this app is just at the announcement stage it is not clear how it will slot into the market but it is definitely one to watch.

Watch this space, as Lawdit Solicitors stay on the cusp of technology and will report on all new things emerging in the market.

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