Facebook has banned the sale of copyright infringing devices

Facebook’s Commerce Policy has been updated and now includes a restriction on “products or items” that allow for unauthorized access to digital media.

Amazon has also recently changed its terms and conditions to ban the sale of copyright infringing devices. It has stated “Products offered for sale on Amazon should not promote, suggest the facilitation of, or actively enable the infringement of or unauthorized access to digital media or other protected content,” However, a quick search on the website and they are still readily available.

Facebook’s updated Commerce Policy states “Items, products or services sold on Facebook must comply with our Community Standards, as well as the Commerce Polices. Sale of the following is prohibited”. Rule 13 goes on to state “Products or items that facilitate or encourage unauthorised access to digital media”. This new rule clearly seems to have so called Kodi boxes in its sights.

Kieron Sharp, Federation Against Copyright Theft chief, has already welcomed the move by Facebook. He went on to say “It is great to see Facebook follow the likes of Amazon and eBay in making changes to their policies to prohibit the sale of illicit streaming devices on their platforms,”

The European Court of Justice, in April, confirmed that it is illegal to sell piracy-configured media players, and that users that stream infringing content to their homes are also breaking the law.

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