Evidence shows a decline in online copyright infringement


Research conducted on behalf of the UK Intellectual Property Office, has given a new reason as to why there has been a decline in the levels of online copyright infringement.

This reason is none other than the previously controversial media viewing system, streaming.

The UK IPO commissioned this research to be completed by the Kantar Media’s Online Copyright Infringement Tracker to have a look into how the general public are interacting with copyright.

Their findings were surprising as the results highlighted that over half (52%) of internet users consuming content online now use streaming services while downloading content is becoming comparatively less popular (39%).

This rise in the use of streaming sites such as Spotify, has made an even bigger impact compared with the drop in those gaining content online from illegal sources, therefore committing copyright infringement.

This drop in infringement is a good step but does not completely reduce the impact that online copyright infringement has on creative industries.

However, speaking about the positive step that has been taken, Baroness Neville Rolfe, the Minister for Intellectual Property has said,

“Online copyright infringement has been a running sore for the UK’s creative industries for far too long. I am extremely pleased to see that there has been a decline in infringement and that consumers appear to be turning towards legitimate streaming on mass.”

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