European Parliament approves new copyright legislation which is predicted to hold disastrous effects for the Internet and its users

Recent news holds that Members of the European Parliament have passed articles 11 and 13, ones which prove to be controversial. These articles insist that social media platforms must perform regular checks on the content posted by its users, to avoid any copyright infringement. Adopting such legislation could cause a drastic change as anything which could potentially amount to copyright would be seen as an infringement.

What is Article 11?

This is perhaps one of the most controversial articles to be approved. It is also known as ‘link tax’ although not having any relation to an actual hyperlink. This is an article which aims to benefit those whose content has been used by internet giants, allowing them to get their share of profit for it.

What is Article 13?

On the other hand, this article requires content to be monitored once first uploaded to ensure no breach of copyright. The use of filters is encouraged in order to spot any copyright material. This could potentially be the more controversial one out of the two as it could destroy freedom of expression. YouTube, having already been in the copyright policing game for several years, say that disputes often tend to arise as to who actually owns copyright of the material.

The approval of this legislation could drastically alter the way in which the internet is utilised, also limiting content users on what they are allowed to post. However this will benefit industries such as the music and film ones. This reform would stop internet giants from profiteering from their content and work, without giving anything in exchange.

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