Equifax data breach affects 700,000 UK consumers

Equifax Inc. is a consumer credit reporting agency which collects details on over 800 million individual consumers millions more businesses worldwide. It was founded in 1899 and based in Atlanta, Georgia and is the oldest of the three largest credit agencies.

Unfortunately, it has been announced that nearly 700,00 UK consumers were affected by a massive hack that was suffered at the beginning of this year. It appears that the data breach included personal identifiable information stolen. This information could be something as little as a phone number accessed but could be more, such as partial credit card details or even driving license.

Interestingly, it was not the UK systems that had the massive data breach, but in fact a web server vulnerability in the US, and was due to a processing error that stored some UK data in the US.

Equifax have stated at this time that they need absolute clarity before they contact UK consumers and would then be writing to them rather than phoning consumers. It is felt that phoning consumers could invite more scams. Â

Patricio Remon, President for Europe at Equifax Ltd (UK) has come forward and said “I urge anyone who receives a letter from Equifax to take advantage of the remedial services being offered to help mitigate against any risk, or to contact us should you have any questions.”Â

This will most certainly result in claims for compensation being sought by UK consumers, and likely cost Equifax an incredible amount of money. Keep your eyes on the postman, and remember, it is important to get legal advice before accepting whatever the letter has to offer (if anything).

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