Ed Sheeran the latest High Court visitor over ‘Shape of You’ copyright claim

Following the accusations that his hit song ‘Shape of You’ included copied parts, pop superstar Ed Sheeran has filed a claim with the High Court to request a declaration confirming he has not infringed any copyright protection.

The matter kicked off in the court this week. Sheeran has been accused by two songwriters, Sami Chokri and Ross O’Donoghue, of stealing elements of their songs to put together the hit ‘Shape of You’. Following the filing by Sheeran, the two songwriters have filed a counterclaim for copyright infringement.

While the matter is still ongoing in the court, Ed has been in the hotseat to give evidence today and strongly denies not giving credit when its due to others for elements of his hits.

Keep your eye on the reading room for further updates as the matter develops.

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