Duran Duran live to fight another copyright day

After a disappointing result following their claim to regain copyright ownership of some of their biggest hits, Duran Duran has been thrown a lifeline after their appeal was accepted.

In December last year, Mr Justice Arnold handed down a judgment preventing Duran Duran regaining the copyright protection in their songs which they had previously transferred to Gloucester Place Music, their previous production company.

The band had made a claim under US copyright law which allows artists to reclaim their rights in songs. Gloucester, who is owned by Sony, made a claim against this stating that it would be a breach of their agreement.

Following their unsuccessful claim, the band made a statement expressing their disappointment and goal to carry on pushing for the rights.

The band is now pleased with the news that they have received permission to appeal by the UK High Court.

Nick Rhodes, founding member of the band, said: “It was enormously disappointing that Sony/ATV decided to mount this aggressive and unexpected action against us to try to prevent the simple principles and rights afforded to all artists in America regarding their copyright after 35 years.”

He added that the band was grateful for the opportunity to appeal.

“In his judgment, Mr Justice Arnold stated that his decision was not made without hesitation we were heartened by this sentiment because we felt it was an acknowledgement that something was truly flawed about the premise and reality of what is at stake,” said Rhodes.

There is no date set for the hearing in the Court of Appeal as of yet but watch this space!

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