Dua Lipa is sued for copyright infringement, after posting a picture of herself on Instagram

The pop star has been slammed with a lawsuit after posting a paparazzi picture of herself on Instagram, waiting in line for a flight back in February 2019. Integral Images, the company which owns the copyright to the picture, has accused Lipa of “knowingly” sharing the content without permission.

Furthermore, the company has alleged that the singer has profited from the photograph, as it is reported that her Instagram account is monetized. Under copyright law, the rights to a picture belong to the photographer, unless stated otherwise, as opposed to the subject of the photo. Therefore, sharing, copying or distributing the content without permission or a licence amounts to infringement.

Lipa has now deleted the infringing post however Integral Images is still seeking $150,000 in damages, a jury trial and an order preventing Dua from carrying out further acts of copyright infringement. Such infringement is a regular occurrence in the celebrity world, with stars such as Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande and others being regularly involved in lawsuits for reposting pictures of themselves without permission.

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