Dj Khalid’s ‘Best’ not enough!

DJ Khalid the well known music personality has failed at an attempt to register his sons name, a word that has already been previously registered.

Business Moves Consulting, the earlier registrant said it had already filed to register word marks ‘Asahd’ and ‘Asahd Couture’ in July 2017. It also filed to register word mark ‘A.S.A.H.D Couture’ and figurative mark ‘A.S.A.H.D a son and his dad’ with the USPTO in February and April this year respectively.

On April 4 DJ Khaled filed three trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), all centering on his son’s name: ‘Asahd’, ‘Asahd Khaled’, and ‘Asahd Tuck Khaled’. All three filings cover a broad range of goods and services including fragrances, baby clothing, music accessories, and a number of foods. The marks all cover international class 25, for footwear, accessories, clothing, and games relating to the promotion of a “strong father-son bond”. None of the marks has been opposed.

In a different dispute between the same parties, Business Moves Consulting filed to register the mark ‘We The Best Lifestyle’ in international class 41, in July 2017. This related to magazine publishing services. DJ Khaled then filed a notice of opposition in January 2018 on the grounds of his four prior registered marks for his catchphrase ‘We The Best’.

It was claimed by Dj Khalid that Business Moves Consulting “has no magazine publishing services” and asked the USPTO to reject the trademark application. Business Moves Consulting, DJ Khaled’s opposition to the ‘We The Best Lifestyle’ mark is “an attempt to discuss the Asahd trademark”.

In reference to the ‘Asahd’ marks, the company said in order to be successful and profitable in the business world, you “need to own IP”, so it will “defend” its trademarks by filing an opposition on the grounds of its earlier registered marks.

Business Moves Consulting has also been in contact with the Motion Picture Association of America(MPAA), a trade association which represents Hollywood studios including Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros when it was discovered that a short film shared online by DJ Khaled could be a potential infringement also. This was found when it was conducting investigations for the ‘We The Best Lifestyle’ dispute. The film’s producers had allegedly stated that it was verified by the MPAA.

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