Disney has knocked the magic out of a competitor with lawsuit

Disney Enterprises and Lucasfilm have taken action against Orlando company on the basis of trade mark and copyright infringement.

Anyone who knows and loves Disney (like the author of this article!) knows that the films are a drop in the ocean in terms of their domination. Merchandise is a massive part of the Disney world and is increasing in popularity all the time.

While there are many companies selling Disney related products, in order for them to do this, they need permission from Disney Enterprises to use the logos, character names and designs. The latest disputed company allegedly did not do this.

Mouseprint Media LLC is based in Florida, the same place as Walt Disney World. They operate an online store and call themselves the Number 1 for themed Disney t-shirts.

Disney and Lucasfilm have claimed that not only have they copied characters and words that they have protected, but their logo themselves infringes their IP.

It is reported that they have tried to settle the matter by correspondence, but this has failed to gain a response.

The claim is for an unspecified amount of damages but it is likely to be a large sum. It will be interesting to see how this goes as there are many unauthorised suppliers of products out there which could see the tables turned on them soon.

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