DC Comics takes a non-aggressive stance towards various trade mark oppositions

DC Comics has had a phenomenal few years with the movie release of Batman vs Superman and the Justice League franchise. Unlike its movie competitor Marvel, it portrays its superheroes in a more humane way with relatable character flaws.
With the release of the Joker movie set for October, DC Comics will be doing all it can to capitalise on the renewed interest in one of its most notorious villains. One major part of growing the DC Comics brand is to protect its intellectual property rights. DC Comics has recently been filed some trade mark oppositions against SuperChefs (an American restaurant) and NetEase Entertainment (a Chinese technology company).

SuperChefs and NetEase have applied for trade marks named ‘Superhero Chefs SC’ (class 43 (restaurant services)) and ‘Joker’ (class 42 (digital services relating to restaurants)) respectively. Last year, DC Comics also opposed another trade mark that it felt infringed its registered marks ‘Superwoman’ and ‘Supergirl’. As a result of all of this trade mark opposition, DC Comics has applied for three extensions with the US Patent and Trademark Office (‘USPTO’) in order to sufficiently prepare for opposing the applied-for-marks.

As the USPTO has granted an extension for all three of DC Comic’s extensions, we will see if their relaxed approach to opposing the various applied-for-marks yield any fruit.

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