Data leak leads to Morrisons lawsuit


Over 2000 staff of the large supermarket chain Morrisons are set to issue proceedings after personal and financial details were leaked.

In 2013, an auditor uploaded these details of over 100,000 members of staff to various file sharing websites causing the leak.

Following a criminal investigation, the auditor Andrew Skelton has been jailed for 8 years for his deliberate act.

Now a group of the affected employees have expressed their interest to start civil proceedings.

The data privacy lawyer representing them has said “My clients’ position is that Morrisons failed to prevent a data leak which exposed tens of thousands of its employees to the very real risk of identity theft and potential loss”.

The size of the claim is yet o be decided as it is unclear the actual effect on the employees and the damage that can be caused with the data that has been leaked

Morrisons have denied all responsibility at this time.

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