Cypriot Ministry re-secures ‘Halloumi’ UK trade mark

Acting on behalf of Cyprus’s cheese farmers , the Cypriot Ministry have won back the right to have ‘Halloumi’ registered as a UK trade mark after having it revoked in 2019.

The trade mark registered in 1990 was revoked following the failure to respond to John and Pascalis Ltd’s three applications to invalidate the mark. Despite the Ministry filing an appeal, their attempts proved to be unsuccessful.

However the Ministry have now won back the right to have trade mark protection after re-securing the mark under class 29 – ‘Cheese made from sheep’s and/or goat’s milk; cheese made from blends of cow’s milk’.

The ministry announced earlier this week that re-securing the marks registration was of vital importance for the ensured continuation of exports of the growingly popular cheese.

Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, Georgios Lakkotrypis previously claimed that exports of the cheese made €195 million in 2018 alone. Lakkotrypis also stated that whilst re-securing the Halloumi trade mark is important to Cypriot farmers, the Ministry will now focus on registering the unique cheese as an EU Protected Designation of Origin product (PDO).

If their application is successful, this would result in Cyprus gaining permanent protection over Halloumi however, the likelihood of success will be largely dependant on whether the Ministry’s application will meet the strict regulations of obtaining a PDO.

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