Court fees to skyrocket from Monday

The Ministry of Justice issued this press release:-

From Monday 9 March there will be a change to the way fees are charged in both ‘specified’ and ‘unspecified’ money claims. This change will affect the fee to issue proceedings for the recovery of money on claims worth £10,000 or more. For these claims the new fee will be five per cent of the value of the claim capped at a maximum fee of £10,000.

All customer facing IT systems have been amended to reflect this change and the changes to the systems will take effect from Monday. Those customers submitting their claim through Secure Data Transfer or Money Claims Online will continue to receive a 10 per cent discount on their fee.

If a claim is received on or before Friday 6 March in a fit state to issue, the old fee structure will continue to apply even if the claim is issued after Monday. Any applications received prior to the fee change but returned because of an error on the form will attract the new fee if they are subsequently resubmitted after the fee change.

No fees other than those for the recovery of money on claims worth £10,000 or more will be affected.

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