Counterfeit stop success for Gucci

Gucci America, the branch of the major fashion house across the pond, has succeeded in the never-ending battle against online counterfeiters.

In a claim brought late last year, the fashion brand claimed that the online defendants had counterfeited their products, committed trade mark infringement as well as cybersquatting and unfair competition.

The claim stated that the defendants had used an identical mark to the Gucci marks on inferior quality goods.

In addition, the defendants had used identical and confusingly similar domain names to sell the counterfeiting products.

The courts agreed with Gucci’s claim as on 17th April 2017, the US District Court of Florida submitted a final default judgment which awarded Gucci $9 million in damages as well as a permanent injunction preventing the defendants from any further manufacture or sale of the infringing goods.

The $9 million was accumulated after Gucci was awarded $100,000 for each of the 89 defendants and a further $110,000 for 8 of those defendants.

Yet another success of a genuine business, even if its on the pricey side, against those faceless online copycats!

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