Coronavirus lockdown invention popped into your head? Make sure its protected

With more time at home and therefore more time to fill, it is inevitable that those of us with a creative brain may have come up with a new invention or process. While this may be in the early stages, it is important it is protected.

While you should be considering all types of intellectual property, your focus should be registering a patent.

A patent is registered to protect a novel process or invention and allows you to prevent anyone else from using it without your permission for a maximum of 25 years.

It is essential to successfully register a patent that the application you are submitting it novel and has an innovative step away from anything else that has already been invented or put on the market.

As part of the application process, the Intellectual Property Office will complete a prior art search. This search will highlight if there is anything else out there that will deem your application not novel. It is important that you are aware that any publication of your work by you will also be included in this prior art search and therefore will cause issues for your application.

It is imperative that you keep all work in respect of your invention confidential. You may need to bring in third parties to help you get your invention off the ground and you can do this by using non-disclosure agreements. The team at Lawdit can help you with these, by drafting them and ensuring you are completely protected before you take the risk.

Our IP team have over 20 years experience in respect of patents and therefore can ensure it is prepared and filed correctly, and hold your hand through the whole process, which can take over a year!

Please get in touch today and make sure your recent bright ideas are protected.

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