Copyrighted music creates controversy all over Youtube.

Music plays a crucial role in creating an exciting and commendable Youtube video. Within the past few years copyright laws have evolved and progressed to a point where artists musical material is to a great extent protected

Youtube has taken the world by storm and in order to be successful on youtube, members have to gain subscribers and to do this people add popular music in their videos in hopes that it will increase their views on their videos. Many people are highly oblivious to the laws that are involved with copyrighted music.

In order to be excluded from any legal liabilty one can use royality free music but this does not necesarily mean that the music is in the public domain. Public domain allows for users to utilize music legally in their videos. The reason why users utilize artists music is due to the fact that the music could draw more viewers in and this increases their amount of subscribers. It becomes illegal to use copyrighted music in your youtube videos when the content is uploaded online onto your own page because this removes the artists ability to monetize it ,and therefore this violates copyright.

If a video includes copyright content then the video can be removed or blocked, the video could be muted and you could be sued by the owner of the content that you are using. ContentID is an automated system that matches your content against any copyrighted material. If copyrighted content does exist then the video will be flagged and this flag will need to be appealed by the user.


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