Copyright trolls across the pond may be in deep water

The action is against a group of rights holders, lawyers and a torrent monitoring expert, they are accused of committing an “extortion conspiracy”. Clear Skies Network had brought many lawsuits against alleged infringers of the movie “Good Kill”.

The complaint is lead by a 62 year old woman who was repeatedly threatened and intimidated with a supposed $150,000 in damages, however, Clear Skies Network asked her to settle before court for $3,800. The woman has decided to fight back for herself and others in the same situation.

The claim further alleges that the film its self was seeded by Clear Skies Network it’s self before its theatrical release in the US. The purpose of this it is stated in the claim as being “for the express purpose of being able to claim that it has “caught” people downloading the copyrighted material”.

The claim states “Clear Skies Network’s existence has little to do with the protection of copyright”, this rings bells with a certain company this side of the pond.Â

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