Copyright swipe for Kendrick Lamar over ‘Black Panther’ song

Emerging into the Marvel space in 2018, Black Panther was a well received and popular film.

As with nearly all modern films, a big part of their popularity and dynamic is the music and the films soundtrack.

Featuring on the soundtrack for ‘Black Panther’ rapper Kendrick Lamar and singer The Weeknd collaborated on the song ‘Pray For Me’. The soundtrack for the film was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2019 and the song was also released as a single.

However, it seems not everyone feels the song was the cat’s whiskers as Lamar and the Weeknd have received a copyright claim against them.

The claim was filed by a US band Yeasayer who claimed that ‘Pray For Me’ sampled their 2007 song ‘Sunrise’ without their permission. In particular it is a choral performance which Yeasayer claim has been slightly modified and features at least 8 times in ‘Pray For Me’.

Including Lamar’s record label, Top Dawg Entertainment, in their claim, the band are seeking damages, lost profits and legal costs if their claim for infringement is successful.

Keep your eyes peeled on the reading room for updates on this!

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