Copyright strike for major gaming streamer exposes YouTube

With nearly 16 million subscribers, ‘LazarBeam’ is one of YouTube’s most popular gaming streamers. However, with a recent copyright claim made against his content, from several years ago, he is proof that no one is exempt from YouTube’s policies, regardless of fame and popularity. The streamer recently announced the news on Twitter, informing his viewers that he will be unable to stream videos for a week. The YouTube sensation went on to compare this inconvenience to the ongoing pandemic, in reference to him getting tested for the COVID last week, to which the result was negative. This led the star to stress how much he has had to deal with recently, insisting that he simply wants to continue streaming and uploading his videos.

In a following Tweet, LazarBeam tagged YouTube’s support team, asking for help, to which they responded with a link for a “counter notification” with warning that this will commence a legal process. The news can be deemed embarrassing for YouTube, as they signed LazarBeam to an exclusive steaming deal, back in January 2020. He is one of the platform’s most valued content creators, so when he had to turn to Twitter to address the claim and ask YouTube for assistance, it really leaves us wondering how these creators are treated.

Only time will tell whether the streamer will be taking on further legal action. However, it appears highly unlikely, as he must only wait a week to upload any further videos. It is also likely that alongside the latter, he will also immediately be asked to remove the infringing content in question from his YouTube channel.

If you have any questions regarding the above matter, or any other topic, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Lawdit team today.

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