Copyright screening checks in place on YouTube

After criticism that the platform wasn’t doing all it could to protect its users copyright, the video sharing site has now confirmed an update has been put in place.

Now, videos will be checked for potential copyright infringement when uploaded. This will be done through a system called Checks which will alert the creator to any issues before the video is published.

The aim of this is to allow creators to amend their content if it is flagged instead of waiting for the issue to pop up after publication. Monetisation is massive on YouTube videos through advertising and if a video has a copyright strike this is removed. The new system will hopefully allow the creator to prevent being de-monetised if the issue can be resolved.

This doesn’t mean that any video which passes the checks cannot be flagged after it is published but it has been brought in to make things clearer for all parties and help avoid surprises.

If you need any further guidance on copyright protection or would like to speak to one of our IP team, then please get in touch today.

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