Copyright infringers will start to receive email notifications from their internet service providers

The music and movie industry has come to an agreement with the UK’s top internet service providers (ISP) to send email warnings to alleged copyright infringers.

The plan has been in the works for several years, but this week a spokes person from the “Get it Right From a Genuine Site” campaign said the plan would be operational in the first few months of 2017. The spokes person went on to explain that “Educational emails will help account owners and others who use their accounts to do the right thing and het their content form legitimate sources,”

The notifications are just part of the larger Creative Content UK campaign that has already introduced anti-piracy ad campaign to highlight the consequences of illegally consuming content. These campaigns are focused around education and raising awareness to support UK creativity.

However, the email notifications will only target peer to peer file sharing, therefore users of file sharing websites and software will receive the notifications. Â This means that the copyright infringers that use streaming services or direct downloads will not receive such notifications. With the use of streaming and direct downloads on the rise and peer to peer file sharing on the decline, perhaps the email notifications have come a bit late.

Our counterparts in the US have had a similar measure that was implemented in 2013. The US Copyright Alert System has been branded a “six strikes” program. This is down to the fact that if copyright infringement is reported after the final warning, the ISP’s have agreed to implement “mitigation measures” including bandwidth throttling.

The Get it Right From a Genuine Site campaign is confident that the notifications will help to tackle online copyright infringement in the UK, however, only time will tell. Â

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