Copyright infringement lawsuit for Kat Von D, after her tattoo design of Miles Davis.

Celebrity tattoo artist and makeup guru, Kat Von D, has just been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over her drawing of Miles Davis, which she did for a customer. L.A.- based photographer, Jeffrey Sedlik, claims that his image rights were violated when the defendant recreated his work. 

As per the suit, he is the sole and exclusive owner of the portrait of Miles Davis, first published back in 1989. Further, the plaintiff insists that Kat did not request a license in order to make use of his art. She posted the drawing on her social media, on which she holds over 7 million followers. The lawsuit further-insists that Von D took credit for the work as her own.

Jeffrey Sedlik requests that the court orders the defendant to remove any content bearing the said infringing print, from all social media outlets. The claimant is also seeking statutory damages of $150,000 per work. Furthermore, Sedlik stated that he tried to reach out to Von D, in order to avoid the long and costly process of litigation, however, she allegedly ignored his request. Kat Von D is yet to respond on the matter. Be sure to keep an eye out for any further updates regarding the above, on our reading room.

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