Copyright infringement dispute: IndiaMart vs JD Mart

A copyright infringement dispute between IndiaMart and JustDial arose recently, leading IndiaMart to secure a temporary interim injunction against its rival platform. The Delhi high court granted the injunction which now prevents JustDial from launching their platform, JD Mart.

Just Dial’s initial plan was to launch its own business-to-business (B2B) marketplace, with the branding JD Mart. With this, IndiaMart insisted that JD infringed upon their copyright over the website compilations, which IndiaMart made after many years of hard work, since launching back in 1996. Alongside the injunction, the court also appointed local commissioners to search JD’s premises and make an inventory of all copies of the database in its website and mobile site, in regard to the launch of their B2B project, JD Mart.

JustDial has insisted that all accusations made against them are “absolutely baseless” and that their company products suffer from “no plagiarism”. They will be sure to seek legal remedies. JustDial opened its IPO back in 2013 and entered into India’s e-commerce space back in May 2015.

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