Copyright basics: Is your work original?

In order for a work to attract copyright protection, it must be original. While this may seem straight forward, are you really sure you know what counts as original.

In short, ‘originality’ in terms of copyright protection means that it is the authors own work and hasn’t been copied from elsewhere. It is difficult to prove 100% that a work hasn’t been copied from elsewhere and this is where problems occur.

One point that is often forgotten by many, is copyright protections the expression of an idea, not the idea itself. Therefore, the concept for a book, film or play cannot be protected, only the expression of the work in written form, or recorded form.

It is therefore essential that any works you create are your own, and you do not borrow anything from anywhere else. If you are found to be using the copyright work of another as part of your own, you run the risk of becoming liable for copyright infringement. You cannot use another’s copyright protected work without their consent.

On the flipside, if your work is original and someone else has copied this as part of their own work, do not sit back and allow them to do so, contact the team at Lawdit today to take action.

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