Copycats never make it to the finish line: BMW uses trade mark suit against counterfeiters

BMW has become synonymous with quality and luxury, making it a staple brand in the automobile industry. Unfortunately, the curse of being a successful brand with a worldwide reputation, is that it leaves you susceptible to counterfeiters and other infringements.

Earlier this month, BMW filed a lawsuit against EDA International (a Californian-based company) at the US District Court for the Central District of California. BMW has alleged that EDA International have been importing counterfeit BMW car parts from China into the US.

BMW states that as these parts incorporate their trade marks and the distribution of these parts are affecting its business by undermining the licensing agreements that it has with various authorised car dealers in the US. Furthermore, the quality of the counterfeit goods may affect the brand’s reputation with consumers.

EDA International has been using eBay as a platform to sell the counterfeit parts. Once BMW became aware of this, it sent EDA International some cease-and-desist letters. As EDA International has not responded to them, BMW is seeking a permanent injunction and monetary damages. It will not allow EDA International to keep benefiting from its reputation and the use of its trade marks without consent.


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