Copycat social media appears in Russia after access blocked

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Russian people have been blocked by the government, who are preventing them from accessing social media sites, including Instagram or YouTube.

This is an attempt by the government to censor information and news reaching the Russian public. As the mainstream social medias have been shut down, many have tried to set up copycat sites, which are being monitored by the Government.

A site call Rossgram has been dubbed Russia’s version of Instagram and RuTube has been set up as an alternative to YouTube by Gazprom-Media- who is run by the State.

These have been criticised as bad copies, clearly not filling the gap left by the social media giants.

This could be a concern for the wider world, in addition to the announcement that Russia will no longer being recognising copyright law. It has announced a new policy called ‘parallel imports’ within which they will ignore copyright infringement.

Even once the physical war is over, this could rage an internet war that continues for years to come.

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