Copycat Chinese squid game TV show shot down

It has recently been announced that Squid Game is the most viewed show on Netflix and has been watched by thousands and thousands of people around the world.

With such a hit show gaining that much traction so quickly, as with anything popular, it doesn’t take long for copycats to appear.

A Chinese streaming platform has come under fire for putting out promotional material for a very similar show, they call Squid’s Victory.

The show has been described as one in which contestants compete is kids games on a large scale. Sounds familiar?

Even the poster used is very very similar, with symbols arranged in a pattern some in white, some in pink.

The platform,  Youko, has apologised for the poster, saying it wasn’t meant to have been released and was a draft poster which was not intended to be used.

Many have made their criticism heard, calling the explanation an excuse and a cover up for a blatant rip off.

With Squid Game being a Korean hit, this isn’t the first time Chinese TV producers have been accused of stealing ideas from other countries. It will be interesting to see if the dispute rumbles on and whether the games really begin.

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