Conor McGregor loses fight to trade mark his own name.

MMA fighter, Conor McGregor, has lost a three-year legal battle to obtain a trade mark of his own name. The fighter applied to register a trade mark for the purpose of selling clothing in Europe but was opposed by fashion label, McGregor. The latter was founded nearly 100 years ago and is now owned by a Dutch company. Founder, David Doniger, originally began selling tartan caps before making his way to New York and starting the official clothing brand.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has ruled that the MMA fighter cannot register his desired trade mark for the purpose of selling clothing, footwear, and also headgear. Further, the EUIPO ruled that “McGregor Productions”, “McGregor Combat” and “The McGregor Follows” may not be registered as trade marks, as all three share a common denominator, namely ‘McGregor’.

In their rejection of the mark, the EUIPO stated that “the public read from left to right”, inferring that the fighter’s trade mark, if it were approved, could be seen as a sub-brand of the original clothing company, McGregor, by the relevant consumer. McGregor is a great fighter in the ring, however, when it comes to the battle in court, his loss was beyond his control. Conor McGregor also commonly refers to himself as “The Notorious MMA”, so it would not come as a surprise if he explored the trade mark avenue under that name.

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