Company sells its shares. What about the employees

Company shares sold. Informing an employee

Dear John

I refer to our recent meeting and as promised this letter is to be treated as confirmation that the shares of We Made Lots Of Money Limited , which has also been your employer for the past 5 years. The Company was sold to Ha Ha Ha Limited on 1 April 2000. It is important to understand that while your employment and employer remains unchanged your employer is now part of the Ha Ha Ha group. You were concerned as to how this affects your position with us, the simple answer is that it does not. Your employment rights, your period of continuous employment remains unchanged. In fact every aspect of your employment remains the same save for the following

We are currently in discussions with the Trustees of the Pension scheme. We Made lots of Money Limited is no longer part of this pension scheme. Bob Runaround will be writing to you about this shortly and I am sure with details of thenew pension scheme.

There will be no other changes. If you have any questions regarding this letter please contact me anytime.

Yours sincerely

Brian Potter

On behalf of Ha Ha Ha Group Limited

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