Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

Commercial or Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (NDEPCs) are now required on the construction, sale or new lease of all commercial properties. This also includes:

  • Sales by liquidators/receivers
  • Inter-company transfers
  • Sales and leasebacks

The commercial EPC will provide the energy rating of a building, giving information on the carbon consumption of the building and how to make any potential savings on their energy costs, enabling the purchaser or tenant to make an informed decision as to the energy efficiency of their investment.

The Commercial EPC contains an assessment of your building and the services used, and using Government approved software the agent is then able to produce an Energy Performance Certificate and a Recommendation Report, giving suggestions on where improvements could be made to both the building fabric and the heating, cooling and lighting systems used, along with payback periods for each.

The following properties are exempt from Commercial EPCs:

  • Free-standing (completely detached) units under 50sqm
  • Temporary buildings
  • Places of worship
  • Where a building is due to be demolished by a prospective buyer
  • Industrial sites, workshops, non-residential agricultural buildings (where not air conditioned or fully heated/cooled).

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