Comedian Joe Lycett changes name back after trade mark bully name stunt

Comedian Joe Lycett last month changed his name by deed poll to ‘Hugo Boss’ as part of a consumer stand against fashion brand of the same name.

As part of his TV show which focuses on consumer issues, Lycett changed his name to highlight the fashion brand’s behaviour in respect of their trade marks.

Hugo Boss had been harassing smaller businesses for their use of the word ‘Boss’ as part of their branding. Hugo Boss’s trade marks are registered in a wide range of classes, but they were chasing companies that fell out of this range of goods and services.

Boss Brewery based in Wales contacted Lycett’s show to highlight the fight they had with Hugo Boss which resulted in them changing their name and building a £25,000.00 legal bill.

The name change went viral, being reported on by news outlets all over the world. Lycett also made the brand even more mad, by holding a party outside Hugo Boss Oxford Street store.

Following the reach and publicity achieved by this, Lycett has today released a statement to say that the stunt achieved more than he thought it could achieve and he will now change him name back to Joe Lycett.

We have seen many big companies try and bully smaller firms into avoid certain words or phrases in their branding, going beyond the rights they have. If you need assistance with a brand dispute, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Lawdit team.

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