Coachella v Urban Outfitters: settled

As previously reported on Lawdit’s Reading Room, the organisers of music festival Coachella brought action against clothing retailer Urban Outfitters for selling ‘Coachella branded’ clothing.

The claim made by Coachella also cited Urban Outfitter’s use of webpage titles, URLs and description tags containing directly competitive goods.

The claim was based on a number of trade marks registered in the US in respect of ‘Coachella’.

It seems the organisers of the festival and the owners of Urban Outfitters were singing from the same song sheet, as a notice of settlement was filed in court recently. This led to the dismissal of the case without prejudice.

Even though the details of the settlement have not been disclosed, it seems Urban Outfitters has again admitted defeat.

They are no strangers to IP legal trouble and have become notorious for stepping over the infringement line.

Will they change their ways, time will tell!

Lawdit will keep you up to date with all the current IP news, keep in touch.

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