Clash of Cars – Uber vs Waymo

Following an independent investigation, Uber has come to terms that it will either have to enter into a licensing agreement with Waymo, or alternatively alter the design of its own technology, to avoid IP infringement. In a previous dispute between the two companies, The Alphabet-owned business (Waymo) alleged theft of its IP by Uber. After the occurrence of the dispute, the two companies agreed to employ an independent software expert to ensure no breach occurs again.

This news comes months after Anthony Levandouski, an ex-Google engineer, was accused of stealing trade secrets from the company and transferring them to Uber. The number of documents stolen is believed to be around the figure of 14,000.

In response to the reports, Waymo insist that these findings further confirm their earlier allegations against Uber for misappropriating their software IP.

Furthermore, Uber’s autonomous driving has caused more severe issues in the past, such as when their self-driving vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian, back in March 2018. This news combined are not sourcing a positive reputation for Uber and safe to say it leaves the company looking a little lost. Only time will tell what the future holds for Uber’s reputation and software development.

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