Clarity not confirmed over new EU copyright directive in time for New Year

While the EU Parliament voted in favour of the new Copyright Directive in September, there has been a stall since then to agree the details.

A very controversial directive and one that has received a lot of criticism from all angles, it was a surprise that it was approved in September.

It seems however since then the growing number of concerns are having an impact as at a meeting last week, negotiators failed to reach a consensus on the details of the directive.

This was confirmed by German Politician Julia Reda last week, who stated that no overall agreement had been reached. As last week’s meeting was the last of 2018, these issues are to roll over to 2019.

The intention was to have the discussions and details finalised by the end of 2018 ready for the implementation in 2019 but the biggest sticking point to this has been Article 13.

In short, Article 13 states “online content sharing service providers and right holders shall cooperate in good faith in order to ensure that unauthorised protected works or other subject matter are not available on their services.”

This effectively puts the spotlight on sites such as Google, YouTube and Facebook to take strong measures to seek out and block copyright protected works being infringed on their sites.

These sites amongst others have not received this well and have pushed as much as they can for a re-think of this.

After the New Year bells have rung, it will be interesting to see if the troubles will continue- watch this space!

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