Chris Brown and Drake respond to copyright infringement claim against their ‘No Guidance’ song.

Back in 2019, Chris Brown and Drake released a single named ‘No Guidance’. This release quickly attracted the attention of Brandon Cooper and Timothy Valentine, AKA Drum’n Skillz, who filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the famous popstars. It alleged that the song in question was a copy of their own track, namely “I Love Your Dress”, released back in 2016.

More specifically, the claim stated that ‘No Guidance’ plays a background rhythm which repeats “You got it girl” around 11 times. This was compared to Drum’n Skillz’ song which similarly repeats the phrase “She got it” 16 times in its song.

Since then, Chris and Drake’s legal team has rejected the allegation of copyright infringement, stating that “the Court can hear for itself that the total concept and feel of the songs is vastly different”. Additionally, the legal team claimed that the suit is based upon a wholly generic lyrical phrase, claiming that no one can own or monopolise it.

Do keep an eye out on our reading room for further updates on whether this matter is found to be an infringement of copyright by the Court.

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