China is on its way to become the world leader in AI chips, whilst restricting exports

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), China can often be seen competing with its main rival, the US, in order to see which country will dominate the market and hold control of future implementations of this type of technology. Winning this race is potentially the most import challenge that technologists face to date. China therefore added AI to the list of technology that is highly restricted or banned from exportations.

Another difficult element for satisfaction is that of acquiring patent rights in order to protect their innovation. However, Chinese companies are often criticised for only filing their patents in their home country, leading onto some questions about the true value of the patents. AI chipsets are specialised microprocessors  which hold the purpose of accelerating AI software systems. They are designed to increase the performance and speed of these systems.

At this point in time, the Chinese AI market is fed through Chinese companies, however there will come a time where these companies may look to expand themselves onto a global scale, as the demand for AI systems continues to rapidly increase. However, new export restrictions will make that move a challenging one. It could also not only face internal restriction but may also encounter constraints such as the ones faced by Huawei with Western governments.

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