Character World Settles Trademark Infringement Case

The case was due to be heard in the High Court of Justice in one week.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Character World is expected to receive an undisclosed but significant sum towards its legal costs and compensation.

Character World was established in 1998 as a father and son business, the company has grown considerably and now owns a large number of licences acquired from leading brands and produces bedding products for major entertainment companies such as Marvel, Hasbro, Disney, Lego, Nickelodean, and Warner Bros. The products are supplied to retailers across the UK. The products also display Character World’s trademarks.

The company accused HIS Textiles of importing and distributing counterfeit duvet sets, bearing Character World’s trademarks and as such passing these products as being made by Character World.

In addition to the substantial payment that HIS Textiles will make to Character world, HIS Textiles have also consented to an injunction that will prevent them from infringing the intellectual rights and trademarks of Character World and further it will not pass off any of its product as those being genuine Character World products.

Following the settlement Danny Schweiger- joint managing director of Character World, commented: “We will aggressively pursue anyone we suspect of copying our products. We rigorously protect our trademarks and copyright across the Europe”. He continued: “This case should serve as a warning to anyone any other outfits tempted to rip off brands and official suppliers. We are proud to work with this world’s biggest brands and work hard to produce bedding ranges that meet their high standards. All our products pass rigorous quality and safety checks. Counterfeit products do not”. He added: “We are committed to ensuring the brands we work with and our customers across Europe continue to receive the highest levels of quality from anything that bears the Character World name”.

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