Chanel not smelling over roses in ‘Madamecoco’ trade mark dispute

Possibly one of the most famous fashions house, Chanel, has a well known history.

Named after their founder Coco Chanel, they have become a go to brand for luxury make-up, fragrance and fashion.

It seems that this fame hasn’t helped them in their latest trade mark battle.
Chanel sought to oppose a UK trade mark application for ‘MADAMECOCO’ which was applied for in respect of retail services for beauty tools and hair care tools.

The application was filed by the Turkish lifestyle and homewares company of the same name who was looking to expand their portfolio.

Chanel claimed the application was too close to their ‘COCO MADEMOISELLE’ trade mark and the reference to their founder creates a likelihood of confusion. In addition, Chanel played on their reputation by stating that customers will be led to believe the application is connected to Chanel and therefore would take unfair advantage of them.

These arguments were not however enough. The UKIPO refused their opposition claiming there was not enough similarity in order to establish the required level of confusion. In addition, the hearing officer dismissed the ‘unfair advantage’ argument deciding that the two companies were so different, there is no risk the public would deem them to be connected.
The application will not proceed to registration.

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