Chanel Fails to Register “Jersey” as a Trade Mark

High fashion brand Chanel has failed its bid to register the word “Jersey” for its lavender scented fragrance. The application was filed with the UK Intellectual Property Office to cover “Preparations for application to or care of the skin, scalp, hair or nails; soaps; perfumes; essential oils; cosmetics; non-medicated toilet preparations.”

Chanel was faced with the objection based on the fact that consumers may be lead to believe that the fragrance was produced in Jersey. The objection came from a representative of Jersey, Judi Pike, who stated that the word “Jersey” exclusively indicates the geographic origin of the goods. She confirmed that there was no objection with Chanel’s use of the word “Jersey”, however objected to it being registered as a trade mark.

Chanel has since filed a new application for “Jersey Chanel.”

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