Cease and Desist: the answer to your problem?

If you have a dispute or are looking to raise an issue, Lawdit can help you with a cease and desist letter.

In the beginning of all disputes, not just IP disputes, there is an opportunity to nip the issue in the bud.

The way to do this in intellectual property disputes is by sending a cease and desist letter to other party.

A cease and desist letter will outline your position, including confirming the ownership of the relevant IP rights, and detailing why the other party has breached these rights or has acted in the incorrect way. The letter will then request the person stops and does not continue in the future to infringe your rights, hence the cease and desist name.

In many cases, this letter is enough for some infringers to hold their hands up and change. If unfortunately, this is not the case, it is a great stepping stone to continue with more formal action.

We may recommend coupling this with an offer, on a confidential basis, but one thing is for sure, the team at Lawdit will handle each case with care and ensure that all steps taken are right for your individual case.

If you have a matter that you would like assistance with, call us today for a no obligation chat.

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