Businesses forced to comply with modern slavery legislation

The government is using the law to respond to an NCA report that modern day slavery is present in the UK to a further extent than everyone expected. The 300 live policing operations that are happening to prevent it and increasing numbers of recorded victims have struck a chord with the government.

The NCA has announced a new campaign to incorporate businesses and legal processes to treat this impending issue. They have also released a number of red flags for the general public to look out for, in order to recognise the signs of a modern-day slave.Â

To begin these new strategies, the government has brought in the UK Modern Slavery Act, which is a condensed and simplified version of previous slavery acts. It forces businesses profiting from over £36 million annually to make a statement each year about what they are doing to prevent slavery, and take the issue of modern day slavery seriously.

Further to the above act, the Modern Slavery Bill was published in 2016. It forces businesses to declare what they are doing to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in not only their home offices, but all the way down their surrounding supply chains.

So far, the NCA seems to be making some progress, with 111 arrests and 130 potential victims saved in the past year.

Their exciting new legal approach has been influential globally France have their 2017 ‘Duty of Vigilance’ to prevent human rights violations Australia has their Modern Slavery Act under debate too.

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