BT Backs scheme to Educate Consumers on Copyright Infringement

A new advertising campaign promoting the value of creativity has been launched.

Get it right from a Genuine Site, supported by BT, aims to encourage respect for the value of creativity in the UK and to boost consumer awareness and use of the wide range of legal sources of content available to them.

The education initiative represents a completely fresh approach to the issue of copyright infringement, and seeks to engage with younger consumers in particular in ways that are far more relevant to them.Â

It marks the first time that content creators from the worlds of film and TV and music have, with the support of government as well as trades unions, retailers and other creative sectors including games, books, media and sports, come together with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to promote the value of creativity and to reduce online copyright infringement.

Contributing almost £77 billion to the UK economy and promoting a dynamic vision of Britain around the world, it’s vital that the creative industries and their highly skilled 1.7 million workforce are valued and protected from copyright infringement so that even more can be invested in producing cutting-edge, original content for fans to enjoy.

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