Bruce Springsteen the latest star to cash in on song catalogue

As we have already reported on the reading room, many of the biggest stars have made the most of their back catalogue by selling the rights to them to big music companies.

This allows them to benefit now from the copyright held within original songs, both in terms of the lyrics and the music.

Bruce Springsteen is the latest star to do this and has sold his music catalogue to Sony Music for a whooping $500 million. This passes the ownership to Sony Music who can now do what they like with the songs. By selling their music, songwriters can cash in and seek a sum that would equate to the level of royalties that they may have received over time.

By selling the music, they will no longer be the copyright owner and therefore can no longer have control on how the music is used in the future.

If you would like to discuss anything in respect of copyright protection or how to ensure you remain legally protected in the music world, please do get in touch with the Lawdit team today.

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