Bridgestone wins patent suit against major Chinese tire manufacturer

Bridgestone has successfully won its case in Shanghai Intellectual Property Court against China’s leading tyre manufacturer, Fangxing Rubber.

In September 2017, Bridgestone made its case against Fangxing Rubber. Claiming that Fangxing Rubber had in fact violated their patent rights which was for the tread pattern of their truck tyres. They concluded that Fangxing Rubber was manufacturing and selling similar tread patterns on its tyres.

Following this allegation, Shanghai Intellectual Property Court in May 2018 sustained that Fangxing Rubber were infringing upon Bridgestone’s patent rights. Thus, were directed to prevent further activities involving the manufacturing and selling of the similar tread patterns as they were violating Bridgestone’s Company patent rights.

Furthermore, they were also ordered to pay Bridgestone’s the sum of roughly 620,000 Chinese yuan for damages which were caused through their unlawful use of Bridgestone’s patent.

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