Brexit Survey – Brand Owners unsure of filing strategies

 According to the latest report compiled by Hogan Lovells, nearly half of brand owners do not have a clearly defined trade mark filing strategy post-Brexit.

The report titled “Brand Benchmarking 2017”, was a survey of 200 brand owners across 12 industry sectors throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

According to Hogan Lovells, 48% of those questioned “are simply unsure of the best course of action to take post the UK’s Brexit referendum”.

The report also found that 26% of the survey respondents said that Brexit is not having an impact on their trademark filing strategy 14% said they have no interest in filing in the UK and 12% are already filing UK applications.

One quarter of the brand owners surveyed (tending to be Europe-based companies) have changed their trademark filing strategy as a result of Brexit.

The biggest change has occurred in the financial institutions sector, where 55% have started filing trademarks in the UK in addition to European trademarks.

 Brexit has left the brand owners in limbo and we are unsure of how we can continue to keep protection for brand owners that only have an EU trade mark and what filing strategies are best with most business adopting the “wait and see” attitude

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