Breitbart News sued for copyright infringement

Terry Sylvester is suing Breitbart News for copyright infringement. The photojournalist has accused the far-right news site of repeatedly using his Black Lives Matter protest photograph without seeking the former’s permission.

The lawsuit that was recently filied in the US District Court in Washington DC confirms that Mr Sylvester had taken a photo of a group of African-American students holding a Black Lives Matter sign during a Berkley student protest in 2015.

The freelancer photographer has claimed that the online publication has deliberately ‘copied and posted’ the copyrighted photophraph to for various articles covering different topics.

The complaint reads:

“Plaintiff [Sylvester] is informed and believes that Defendant [Breitbart], without the permission or consent of Plaintiff, has copied and used the Copyrighted Photograph. In doing so, Defendant violated Plaintiff’s exclusive rights of reproduction and distribution. Defendant’s actions constitute infringement of Plaintiff’s copyright and exclusive rights under copyright”.


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