Brand new model articles

Companies formed on or after the 1 October 2009 will have new model articles provided that these companies do not register their own articles: section 20 of the Companies Act 2006.

It should be noted that companies in existence before 1 October 2009 will continue to function with their normal articles, however it should be noted that these companies can of course amend their existing articles so as to meet the model articles provided in Companies (Model Articles) Regulations (SI2008/3229).

If you wish to amend your articles then be sure to send to the register of companies a copy of the articles as amend within 15 days of that amendment, failing to do so will result in:

  1. the company and
  2. every officer who is in default

to be found liable.

Liability could result in a fine (level 3) or summary conviction.

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